Corrine (cadi_ray) wrote,

why tips

The tipping debate can be summed up in a few points.
What people may not realize:
-tipped staff rely on tips as thier main source of income and they may not receive a paycheck.
-servers have to tip out to bussers, bartenders, food runners and hostesses leaving them with slightly more than half thier tips.
-everyone has an off night.
-sometimes restaurants are overstaffed or managers put servers in sections they cannot take care of.

what may be a very valid arugument:
-the owner, not the customers, should be responsible for how service industry workers get paid.
-tacking a 15% charge onto every bill.

why bad tipping is bad for you:
-instant karma.
-bad tippers are frequently rude.
(rude customers, good tippers or not piss me off. 1. they throw me off. 2. I assume they tip badly 3. the rest of the staff is all complaining to me about them, therefore making my job stressful)
-if you plan to be a regular somewhere and you tip badly, servers will remember to serve you last.
-it makes your server feel like he/she did a bad job.

Most servers find non-tippers and bad tippers to be unexceptable, but in some circumstances I understand.
-There were the nicest homeless guys I useto serve and they rarely tipped.
Why this wasn't bad: I knew it wasn't personal, they were sooo nice, and they never asked for anything much. (plus they are homeless, so I knew they had little money, in fact I felt bad when they did tip me the one time).
-If service was BAD. By bad I mean horrible, the order comes out wrong twice, no refills, no checkins, rude...even then I'd tip 10%, the server gets the idea.

Okay so the tipping debate.
Servers say 20%, some customers say $0.
There is such an akward controversy over this.

To me, its rediculous. Tips are the servers money. When you see a lawyer, don't you write him a check? when you buy a house, don't you pay the conmission? when you own a savings account you expect interest, right?
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