Corrine (cadi_ray) wrote,

today I didn't do much.
played tennis. went to eat.
Life needs to be more than this. life needs to be lived. to be loved. to be experienced and documented to thrive. today is the beginning of my life. Life worth living instead of walked through passively. I need to find a purpose. To live that purpose. To find people I connect with. To do what I have always wanted to do. To live like I might die tommorrow. Yes, I need to do this and I will.
To love. To live. To thrive.

yes yes, this will happen.

after I:
find a summer job.
go to my eye exam.
get tickets to the yeah yeah yeahs (yeah).
grab some grub.
hug mi love.
play tennis late night...
and the web looking for answers to questions that are not to be answered.

Now for some sleep. but first:
go life!
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