Corrine (cadi_ray) wrote,

it feels like I different city this time of year.

I sat watching a single cigarette butt make it's way though pellets of hail and downed leaves in the river of water colleting in the light rail line. The person next to me sighed, crossed her arms and shook off her hair.
Home seemed infinately far away. I kept thinking about my warm bed, my glowing computer and staring at all those people running through the rain. Don't they know you get just as wet walking slowly as running?
The train finally jerked forward into motion.
Maybe I should have stayed watching the helpless bus riders from the pizza place I left.
I was happy with my decision, even if it could mean death. After all there were a bunch of teenagers and business men who wrecked my solitude at the pizza place.
The train gained some momentum and we all safely made it to the bus station.
I don't even want to think about how many thousands of dollars of drugs have been sold there, I was just happy to be off the bus.
The hail had stopped and the blinding rain storm had become a drizzle.
The second bus was completely uneventful.
Getting into my warm house reminded me how rain is only beautiful through clear peices of melted sand.

This never ending quest for safety makes me wonder if I ever had an artist's personality or if I just find art comforting.
Now I have to get to my real priorites:
-Following a possible better job oppurtunity.
-get some much needed sleep.
Tags: bus, hail, rain
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