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I love the internet.

How anyone could love a network of hyper-text, images and videos is a bit strange.
So what happened in the past to make me love such a thing.
School? Kids weren't very nice to me and teachers rarely saw my abilities.
home life? I was ignored and didn't really like my family too much.
Friends? I had friends, but my best friend is my boyfriend.

I started realizing my abilities in high school, the kids stopped teasing me by about 12th grade and my family finally gave me attention once I reached high school.

You realize yourself in high school, but I only realized my abilities.
I realized I could make films or work with computers.

The internet and even film school helped me realize, I am not social.
Yes, I'm shy, but I also don't like being social.
Of course the other part to this was serving and feeling drained afterwards.
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