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How I experienced today.

These days are mostly the same pattern repeating. dream, work, socialize, dream, dream, work, socialize, work, dream, complain about socilizing, work, complain about work...
So instead of saying what I did, I'm going to talk about what I sensed.
In order, but it is more like a collection of descriptive bytes than actual writing.

I awoke alone to the blur of light shining through purple, yellow, green and blue against the beige sterile walls of my house.
My feet pushed against the pillows on the bottoms of my shoes.
Your soft lips and rough skin pressed against mine.
the bittersweet smell of fresh coffee beckoned me.
The clinking of frozen cubed water into melted frozen rounded sand.
The rounded paper handles supporting a volume a thousand times greater, wearily clasping onto a padded natural surface for support.
a cold handle on a hot day, giving relief to a sleepy hand.
The rough outer coating of a tree at noon.
The ringing phone pulling me away from the other 17 things I could be doing.
The bosses voice pulling me from the table of 5 at the front.
Chaos, disorder and holds for 5 seconds as I ask what kind of fatty, starchy or healthy thing person x, y or z would like.
the noise of the crowd disappears.
cool soft bits under me suspended by four long rods of cold minerals bonded together.
Feet freely swaying as my entire body is cooled by a refreshing beer.
This interuption was sponsered by add and laziness.
Thank you for reading.
I may very well continue later.
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