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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New year everyone!
Since it is the new year, it is the best time to reflect on the distant past of youth.

What might have sparked this? a brilliant article from psychology today? A crafted logical argument by a great thinker? No, a clever comic by Mr. Watterson.
Just reading about little Calvin's adventures with his tiger friend Hobbes, made me think of when nothing mattered. Well, in a sense it still doesn't, but I didn't think about it that consciously then.
That first five years of life, provided you didn't have icky parents, could be the most magical time of life. (all that work to seem like some hardcore party girl, ruined by a single sentence, dammit!).
I can't remember any specific moments well enough, but I remember the feeling.
That carefree time where all you had to worry about was what to learn next.
No vanity, judgment, bullies or real responsibilities.
Yeah, there were parents and stupid mistakes, but overall it was so fun.
You could do almost anything and it was okay, because you didn't know better; after all you are only a kid.
What makes a person so nostalgic for such a time?
Because it is so different from adulthood. Plus you never realized things would change so much.
While it is a nice place in theory, for the freedom of exploration and thought, it isn't so great daily.
I love having independence. It is comforting knowing I have enough common sense not to eat the mushrooms on the lawn.
I need a change of some kind. Not just the healthy food kick, something more interesting.
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