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Shaman visit.

When your sick, no matter what the illness, there is the desparation for finding the best cure.
My mother is mega new age and she suggested seeing a shaman.
Shamans heal energy through meditation and relaxation techniques.
My visit started out with me blowing all the negative thoughts I had into a rock.
The shaman asked me lie down. I agreed of course.
Once down she gently massage the back of my neck in a circular motion. She told me she was giving me energy from her energy field to help heal my own.
The amazing thing was I could actually feel a gust of energy coming into my body.
So much it was almost scary.
There was this rolling feeling coming from the back of my neck into the world.
Very strange feeling.
She got out this crystal knife and told me she was breaking a connection I had too strong in my heart.
Other than the cold sensation on my chest I didn't notice much from that.
I had this visual of a dragonfly.
She led me through a whole deck of spirit animal cards.
I found five I felt as guides:
A dragonfly, a rabbit, a spider, a seahorse and an owl.
She told me to not be in such a hurry, to rise above and to follow the seahorse.
I'm not sure how to follow a seahorse, but who knows.
So that is what it is like for the daughter of a new age lady.
Tags: crystal healing, dragonfly, shaman
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