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I've really gone crazy this time...

Pushing around in circles. Blood dripping from an eyebrow of a stranger. The singer screams for more violence. I'm bruised and in pain. The adrenaline won't let me stop. The life of jumping around by myself at home to rock is over. This time it's fucking real. So is the pain in my foot.

Am I crazy? what I am trying to prove to myself? (that I'm strong and stupid) Does this add any meaning to my life? Does this mean I'm through being a needy doormat? (I hope so)
Ah the cliche life of a tortured soul...what a crazy ride.

Note 2017:
I don't go to many shows. I am still working on the whole boundaries thing. I got free tickets at this show for the Red Stinger show I met mister at.

I add.
The girl gashed her eyebrow in the pit and kept dancing, it didn't even phase her. I hadn't drank in months, but I had a single drink. I met this guy with a blond mohawk who seemed impressed by how I handled myself, but I hadn't been to many shows. That guy was with mister when we met and I never saw him again. I felt safe getting a ride home with mister and that guy at the Red Stinger show, because we had met at this show. I think this was a Reno Divorce show, but the crowd seemed a little small. I don"t go to punk shows anymore and I was never much of a punk.
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