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Reading over my journal makes me realize that I haven't had a new thought for years.
That every experience is the same one relived.
Written in a heartfelt way, but even the logic is a little random.
It floats off into a tangent.
It can be so honest with the world that it is funny.
(Scene missing) Of course I have much more optimism and faith in myself and the world than I had previously realized. I've had enough of myself. I need to see my friends. I miss them. :-( Maybe I really do fit in at Brooklyn's...
april 2009
kinds of right ways:
Intuitive right way: The way that feels or seems best...based on intuition. The gut feeling of what is right.
Learned right way: What one was taught was right.
The logical right way: The way one can can rationally conclude is right.
The emotional right way: The way purely based on feeling. The heartfelt or emotionally drawn way of right.
The scientific right way: The rational conclusions based on scientific methods of testing.
The historical right way: The way humanity has learned is right through trail and error.
The real right way: The way or ways which are time tested. It should fall under all other criteria. For example if something is scientifically proven, but emotionally, intuitively, and rationally wrong...there may be something wrong with it. For some studies the right answer is easily justified by the way it has been proved. An emotion will always be right for observing that emotion. IE You can't change that you feel that way. If an answer to a math problem is rationally right, then it must be right. Math follows logic and rationallity. If something can be proven scientifically right, then it is an observable phenomenon proven by science.
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