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Life is shorter than you think.

Many have said time is a series of moments.
As one lives life through these moments, until the moment from which there is no return to an existance recognizable by those living life.
So should life be lived as if there will be no future moments?
Or rather considering future moments, but realizing there is no guarantee of said future moments.
In preparing for these future moments, one must do all they can to consider past moments and to come to terms with the present.
By coming to terms with the present I mean doing everything you feel like should be said or done, with causing the least harm to others.
This philosophy was recently reintroduced to me by my uncle. He was an emt, so he has a unique perspective on life and death. So many who pass on are in a big hurry to do things they thought they had more time to do everything. Few seem to remember to take time to make peace with the world. They seem to forget the only moment promised to you is the one you are living. It may seem morbid, but it more means to grab life while it is here. Is the glass is half full, to be enjoyed while you can? Or is it half empty and disappearing with the moment?
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