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the mountains

My psychologist says I need to bring her three positive memories. So here is one of them:
This summer I went on a couple hikes with my boyfriend. For one of them we went up to Golden. We drove up the mountains, until we found a beautiful spot with the sun shining on a river. We went on a hike and I tried to remember the few flowers I knew names of. We hiked clear to the top, even going off the path through some trees and thorns. We found a rock and took in a gorgeous view of the mountains. It was late afternoon and the sun shon on the trees in some spots and left beautiful patterns of shadows on some. We hiked down and made our way arcoss the street where we were going to swim in the river, til we realized it was extra cold. we waded for a bit and took off. I remember just moving my hand through the air and feeling very content. That was the last time I felt that content and it was the first time in a long time. (two more to go)
Tags: a positive memory, karl, mister, mr.k, the mountains
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