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How I work on projects...

How I approach projects:

1-someone gives me a project (boss or teacher). I generally glance at the sheet, space out for the explanation and hope I remember to look at that sheet later.

2-I gather up as many ideas as my brain can come up with, however dumb, I write them down and figure out if it is useful later. (I give the credit for this step to an acting teacher I had.  Why assume it is broken, if it never had to be fixed? ).

3-I do more research than possibly needed for the project.

4-I get more ideas or expand on the existing ideas from step 2.  At this point I may also get frustrated.   
4b- Talk to other people about this idea. 

5-I figure out what the best couple of ideas are best, then comes practical consideration. 

6-for the practical consideration I ask, how can I make this idea efficient? Is this doable, if so how?  Will people like it?  Does this help people?  Is the message clear or if not aiming to be clear, is it effective at showing this?

7-The work itself, doing it is small in this writing, but infinitely harder to practice.  If the ideas don't make it past #6, then the process starts over. 

8-Testing.  Step 7 is my problem with this whole creative process, well integrating the other steps into 7 and keeping the focus until completion.  

Did I miss something? (replacing the pronoun I with you or one?) or Is this too much?  It could be:  Idea, process and then test. 
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