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hippies, well wait I'm a fucking hippie

Why did I make friends with a bunch of people who hate hippies knowing that I was born a hippie and will die a hippie?
Well, at least a little. How can people hate me based on a stupid stereotype? How could I have hated people who I identified myself with? Why does it matter? Shouldn't we all love each other, rather than hating each other based on some stupid label?

We are all much more than a label and we all fit more than one label. I'm not a sum of labels anyway, I'm a person, just like you. All these labels do is drive us apart, well unless other people fit your label. I need to make a image of this. someone breaking through all these silly labels.

I'm done thinking of my family as "christian" "hippie" "rebel" "nerd", when they are sweet, smart, different, or intelligent. A christian is sometimes someone sweet like me, who sees values as important. A liberal hippie may be more than that, someone who cares deeply and wants to help others. A rebel is just someone who wants to be different. Well and a nerd is usually an intelligent person, how can anyone really hate a nerd?
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