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Writer's Block: I'm looking at the ___ in the mirror

If you could meet your true inner self, what would s/he look like, and what would s/he tell you?
She would say, "I need safety, serenity, love, peace, compassion and freedom" Everything I need is right here, within me. She might be huddled in a corner, crying, waiting. She might be on a mountain, looking over the sea, or quietly staring at a tree, with clarity and serenity. Another day she may be running and fighting, working too hard for the things that have always been right here. Deep inside, just a curious child who wants to explore, but always feels like the world is too critical to accept her. It isn't to say, pity me, we all suffer, we all have days where anything seems possible (maybe that was long ago, but it still there lurking).
She would look like a child, maybe a bit like the little Julie in the Maxx. Maybe she would be a bit more like spirit, a light or energy that gets freed when we pass. From nothingness, back to nothingness. She may be like a mother, comforting me. Or like a father, setting me straight. Maybe like a bunny, going forward as fast as I can, but needing the turtle to say, "wait, understand why."
Inside, there is darkness, light, emptiness, fullness, everything and nothing. From blackeness, into shades of colors, into light, from survival, into self awareness and love for those around me.
Something that surrounds me every waking moment, but is difficult to explain. I am part of the mass consciousness or the mass unconscious as it seems sometimes.
Within is beauty, potential and growth. I mean it, the inner being is who I am, the outside is what passes. It is the inner that will destroy or nurture the outside.
(I didn't come up with all of this, this is based off of zen teachings I was just reading).
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