Corrine (cadi_ray) wrote,

oh hi reality

Oh hi reality, I didn't see you in front of me 24/7. I didn't notice that I missed half the classes for the semester. Oh yeah get you those homework assignments asap, right finals week...maybe eventually I'll get it done, never. That relationship didn't fail, it never ended, he'll come back, I'll text him to say hi just to prove it. Friends, oh yeah, those, hmm I should probably say hi sometime, maybe, maybe not, Oh forget it they'll hate me by now. A job, yeah, I still have a job?! What did I do to deserve keeping a job or any of this? What happened, where did I go while life kept going? I know I was prioritizing the wrong things, but I was so focused on keeping the pain at bay, the it really so bad or am I imagining it? Is writing about it helping? Plenty of people every where suffer from worse and cope better, surely it must be me.
Tags: mental illness, reality
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