Corrine (cadi_ray) wrote,

My opinion on mental illness prediagnosis

Jay thinks I'm too obsessed with quizzes, maybe I am. It is difficult to figure out, because I'm so close to the center (see below)

from the same site: " (The closer your plotting is to the center the less relevant you will find any type identification as you are more of an omnitype.)"
here is the "official" type I got:

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I don't like the type 8 and neither does Jay, but apparently it fits me (I later learned being a healthy type of any variant is ideal. Type favoritism doesn't matter). I'm much more loyal to people and I value this in others.
The ennegram writers talk about internal desires, how these can be healthy or unhealthy relatively. One great analogy is to the Wizard of Oz, every types finds they have what they are looking for all along and in fearing we don't have it, that can lead to unhealthy behaviors.

More recommended resources on the enneagram:
The Enneagram Institute
9 types
The Enneagram Worldwide
Enneagram books on goodreads

More recommended resources on personality tests:
similar minds
personality cafe
Enneagram test

Less serious resources on quizzes:
blog things
The Urban dictionary on quizilla
What appears to have happened to quizilla
The Spark

None of these sites need my help, but it is nice to have a whole collection of links sometimes. It certainly isn't an all inclusive list either, most of them are from the first page of a yahoo search while others are from memory, such as The Spark, which is famous.

It is interesting how you can relate to certain people better than others. I find people who most would think are "crazy" to be much more interesting and friendly than the "sane" people (knowing what I know now we are just people). Sometimes the line feels so blurred anyone could be crazy if they get too stressed out.

I was talking to some psych patients at a group home, but they seemed more sane than most people I know. They are cool too, they like the same music as Jay and he seemed to relate to them. They didn't hide anything, they all seemed so open and nice. I wish more people were insane. Which in a way everyone is a bit insane, some are just better at hiding it than others.

I had some art a coffee shop wants to show, but I decided not to do it.
I feel sad, because my grandmother's new husband is dying. :*(
I'll be wait I feel worse when I say that, I'll be sad for a while.

Please remember this is an edited post from 2002 and I was not diagnosed until 2008. This is one of my first posts to livejournal. It has been edited (heavily). The original can be read by friends only, since they may have seen the draft. All comments will be screened, because it is an edited version of an old post. Thank you for reading!
Tags: "normal", "sane", art, enneagram, lost the key, prediagnosis, sanity
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