Corrine (cadi_ray) wrote,

How to be a rebel...(humorous)

Rules for being a rebel
1 Whatever you learned in school, from your parents or even from peers, ignore it, it is completely useless.
2 If your parents taught you to be religious, make your own religion (ie sprite is god)
3 Whatever your culture's politics are, defy them. If it is a democracy, become a communist or better yet an anarchist. If it is anarchy or communism become a democrat or even better declare yourself King.
4 If you don't own a fast car, it is ok to "borrow" it from your peers or parents. The ideal thing is to steal it from your nation's leader.
5 Whatever group of people you are with, disagree with every opinion they have.
If you don't like that plan, make fun of them for theirs.
6 Don't follow any rules
7 Make other people obey your rules
8 Sneer at authority and dedicate every moment of your life to pissing them off.
9 Follow these rules
10 Rebels don't follow rules, so make your own damn list
Tags: humor, rebel, rules, rules for being a rebel, silly lists
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