Corrine (cadi_ray) wrote,

finally some time to sit and contemplate

Life moves by so fu*king fast.
It seems like yesterday I was the girl atop the jungle gym quietly reading by herself.
Or the girl who couldn't wait to make her first film.
I feeling like I'm waiting for something, something that never comes.
In less than a year I meet huge cross roads in my life.
It always feels like that, though.
Like everything is beginning and "dying all around me" and I have no control over it.
Sure I can watch it happen, write some notes on it and even create a virtual reality on celluloid.
It is never the same.
The only thing that never changes is the loneliness.
After all the conversations with my loved ones and friends at the end of the night, I'm here with my journal.
Nothing more than the tapping on keys and a few aching words of sorrow.
With more revealed than I could ever say to anyone without feeling odd.
The funny thing is it still isn't the same as knowing me.
Without all the words of sorrow, I'm generally fun loving.
I love going out and having fun.
But everything gets repetitive.
Tags: "quarter life crisis", 6am writing, beginner writing, college, free form poetry, poor me, privilege problems, repetitive, writing
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