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google searches from back when I had a sex life in 2004

while I have plenty to do, such as think of artistic ideas, take a walk, see Jay, do homework (or put off doing it), I decided to do a little search.
Keeping in mind the sexual nature of the internet, I compared the results for "life" and sex.

Here are the numbers:
215,000,000 for sex
181,000,000 for life
I did some more of these

some other numbers:
55,700,000 for death
4,900,000 for emotion
15,500,000 for logic
121,000,000 for love (almost half as much as sex)
7,530,000 for lust
13,400,000 for hate
255,000,000 for like
19,600,000 for evil
190,000,000 for good
44,700,000 for mean
42,800,000 for nice (mean is a cooler word I suppose)
9,130,000 for stupid
26,800,000 for smart
10,700,000 for intelligent
2,860,000 for handicapped
91,800,000 for war
28,100,000 for peace
6,560,000 for observe
7,480,000 for interact
342,000,000 for help
9,880,000 for hurt

184,000,000 for art
729,000,000 for html
(more than all the others combined)
10,300,000 for horny
204,000,000 for shop
97,000,000 for college
30,900,000 for relationship
20,300,000 for disney
159,000,000 for movie (almost as much as life)
178,000,000 for photo
119,000,000 for picture
20,100,000 for christ
2,010,000 for mohammed
3,270,000 for buddha
10,500,000 for devil
3,350,000 for satan
60,600,000 for god
13,400,000 for jewish
93,200,000 for single
18,600,000 for married
9,370,000 for commit
4,760,000 for affair
11,500,000 for purple
101,000,000 for red
81,400,000 for blue
67,400,000 for green
47,200,000 for yellow
30,100,000 for orange
17,500,000 for gray
156,000,000 for black
114,000,000 for white
30,700,000 for fuck
608,000 for pet rat
501,000 for pet snake
34,500,000 for object
45,100,000 for idea
4,570,000 for steal
88,000,000 for give
151,000,000 for take
11,400,000 for rape
9,710,000 for murder
6,970,000 for suicide
23,400,000 for secret
94,600,000 for friend
8,290,000 for lover
3,280,000 for skull
90,200,000 for porn
25,600,000 for funny
2,550,000 for tragic
49,000,000 for loss
21,500,000 for gain
26,200,000 for humor
690,000 for sensibility
294,000 for spontaneity
2,610,000 for awake
3,330,000 for asleep
49,000,000 for lost
126,000,000 for found
211,000,000 for work
86,000,000 for play
32,400,000 for fat
2,380,000 for skinny (keep in mind 3 of the top 5 results were for the industrial band skinny puppy)
4,000,000 for bored
1,380,000 for entertained
581,000,000 for free

It's a google search, it came up with some interesting results which may or may not show if humans favour certain things. It seems that people favour the positive and like to have fun. The html result shows that this search is subject to the internet audience and was more for fun than anything.
I'm moderately less bored than I was when I started and I feel better about the amount of sex/porn on the net, because there was less than I thought. (unless google doesn't show everything that is out there, which is highly possible). It isn't really worth researching, so I'm going to take a nap now. O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O

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