Corrine (cadi_ray) wrote,

Balanced character

I was just reading Nicomachean Ethics. Aristotle was explaining how there is a balance between two extremes when being a good person. For example there may be a scared man, a brave man, and a reckless man. All three compare one to each other for who is brave. To the scared man the brave man is brave. To the reckless man the brave man is a coward. So the brave man could live his whole life thinking he is a coward comparing himself to a reckless man (which was not in Aristotle's book). But the ideal is to be the brave man. I find this balance comes up often when getting advice for being a good person, not necessarally regarding bravery specifically, but being a balanced character. Alan Watts also brings up a similar point, having a balanced character. I look for consistent patterns like this in truth. I don't know if I have a balanced character. Part of accepting having a mental illness is knowing my character has an imbalance, at least my moods feel unbalanced.
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