Corrine (cadi_ray) wrote,


Fill my loneliness
Fill it with people
People who abuse me
People who ignore me
People who annoy me
Fill it with creatures
Creatures who bite
Creatures who ignore me
Creatures who annoy me
Fill it with things
Things that break
Things that clutter
Things that annoy me
Fill it with substances
Substances that poison me
Fill it with anything
Anything that harms me
Anything that avoids me
Anything that annoys me
It is okay, so long as I am not alone.

Being the only blue flower in a sea of yellow flowers.
The empty chair your friend once sat in.
The empty spot in your bed your ex once occupied.
The sound a whale makes no one can hear or respond to.
The feeling of needing a hug with no one there to give you one.

Same poem, different style.

Lack of connection
Unmatched flower
Unheard, unseen
Empty chairs, empty bed
I need a hug

(I'm not lonely, I have plenty of good friends I connect with, but I felt like writing a poem after I felt this way a few years ago and it was hard to write about it)
Tags: loneliness
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