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Laws are put there only for your safety, right?

Welcome to Colorado, where you can marry someone who has your blood (cousin), but not someone who has the same sex.

To me that seems very odd. Doesn't it raise several health concerns if you have a child with your cousin?
To me intimate love between two people of the same sex (no I'm not into people of the same sex like that) seems more natural than love between two people of the same blood (well close relatives, I mean we might all be related to one woman from the beginning of humankind).

Excuse me if I offended any peoples married to their cousins or those opposed to gay marriage. Politics can be so nauseating.

Life has been up and down for me lately.
Not just emotionally like it usually is.

I got two awards for art, one being first place and being presented in the featured student show.

I wish I had taken photo 1 in the fall, because I want to make that my major. I'd have to add fall 2006 to when I'd finish school (gag).
Or I could get an associates in film, just to get a degree then continue with photography. I really need to talk to an advisor.

The downs, well, I talk about them constantly in my electric universe.
Tags: art show, electric universe, gay marriage
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