Corrine (cadi_ray) wrote,

People sometimes wonder what the etiquette is regarding bringing up the blog or blogs in general. Back when it was anonymous I felt very uncomfortable when people would hint at finding it. Now that my name is attached it is different. If a friend brings it up in conversation I would be okay with it. If a friend wanted to add me that's fine too. If a livejournal friend came to visit my town and recognized me, but I didn't recognize him or her I might get taken aback, but with further explanation that would be fine. If a total stranger who has read my blog and recognizes me says hi on the street I would have no idea it is about the blog. I would take positive feedback much better than negative feedback. I already understand I make typos and need to brush up on my English skills. I already know I need to be kinder in how I speak of others here. So anyway, it isn't official etiquette, but it gives you an idea of my personal comfort level in case you want to mention the blog to me. I might still feel uncomfortable even if I say it is fine, I don't know why I'm like this, but it just happens that way. Thanks for reading!
Tags: blogging, etiquette
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