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Feminism was the topic of conversation last night. If you are new to feminism it is about the roles women play in society and giving those roles equal power. I lean toward the passive direction and have a bit of an inferiority complex in general both towards other women and men. The women discussing it were saying house wives aren't valued as a career, neither is most work women typically do. It is often taken for granted. I have observed assertive women who deserve respect get disrespected by men. These are professors if they were men would be seen as gentle and kind, so assertive in the true meaning of the word. Women often have to fight for equal pay once we get the same jobs as men. Yes, the jobs men don't get paid enough to do to begin with. Whatever disrespect men feel like they get at work, women get even less respect. Personally, I get more than expected, because I am passive and lack confidence, but that is just me. As a waitress I was expected to fulfill the role of a sex object, it became more clear when I lost weight. I liked the labs better, because I felt like I could just be a person and it didn't matter what I looked like. I was raised in a dysfunctional house, so while I have nothing against cooking or cleaning, I don't really do either. So I have trouble in romantic relationships. Men just expect that women cook, clean, and work. Plus maintain a good body, without realizing all that takes work. Yes I have seen it done, but add in my disability and everything just shuts down. It is hard to work and clean when you don't feel like getting out of bed, but anyway I am getting off topic. Feminists want to be equal to men. An ideal feminist realizes all people are equal, meaning all women are equal too and that we need to include everyone in feminism. A feminism that only brings power to white women has ultimately failed, even though this feminism has benefitted me personally. Now I am a pessimist. I see Donald Trump sitting in office with his money. It shows we failed to elect Bernie. I can see that healthy, white, male, rich people are still the most powerful people in this country. I can barely handle writing this entry, so maybe the power over me is deserved. It just hurts to see people who are fighting for and who deserve respect not getting it. The fact that I can earn the exact same degree as a man from the same school yet get paid less and get less credit says everything. I never thought about feminism at Waldorf. I spoke in class and everyone listened. I rarely speak much and people seem to like hearing what I have to say, because I put thought into what I say. I still get disrespected sometimes and you all know I write stupid things sometimes, but usually I can sense when someone is willing to listen. One mistake feminists make is attacking men, well men aren't all bad. They are human. Some are culturally conditioned, others are kind and gentle, others are balanced or assertive. When we were having this discussion a guy turned around and said he voted for Trump just to make us angry. I bit my lip and others wanted to punch him. It does no good, for one I know fighting well enough to know fighting is not the answer. So anyway, I feel like I have been treated as an equal in classes and at the work place. Relationships have been different, since I was passive and there is no one to protect me like at school or work. Which brings me to the difficult topic of abuse. When you have inequality you have abuse. The woman is trapped in a relationship with a man, doing all the cooking and cleaning, plus working and on top of it he is abusing her. She isn't being paid as much for her work, because it is woman's work. She can't leave, because her job doesn't pay her enough money to afford rent on her own. Yes, places do help women like her, but maybe she doesn't know about them. Maybe she hasn't fully accepted she is being abused, because when you are being abused you are the last to see it, sometimes too late. We need feminism to liberate women suffering the most and the least. While I have an inferiority complex so it is a bit odd to say this, everyone is equal. All women are equal to each other. Feminism declares women are equal to men. But yet wise men don't seek power, why would women want power when it is unwise to want it? Well it is only human to want more power and respect than this...
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