Corrine (cadi_ray) wrote,

I stared down at the carpet when a little voice reminded me to suck in my stomach and hold my head up. A familiar voice said hello welcoming me to the lab where cognitive enhancement therapy is held. "How are you?" He asks. "okay" I respond. "That sounds like a defeated okay." He says sounding concerned. "well my leg is feeling better, but I felt emotionally unwell yesterday." I replied. Much of group is protected by hippa, believe me there is plenty to write about. The games played me, I couldn't focus, because my brain was noisy (not hallucination or schizophrenia noisy, brain clutter noisy). My pain didn't help. We talked about giving support from last week. I used the time I overwhelmed someone with information as an example of not giving enough support. We learned about relationships and how to have better ones. They used a scene from big bang theory where Sheldon was more interested in talking about Xbox than passing the butter. Sheldon reminds me of an old friend, but I can't say who or why. So concludes another day of CET classes. I hope I change into a better person after a year of this therapy. Too bad it does nothing for depression, but it does seem to be helping my schizophrenia.
Tags: cognitive enhancement therapy
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