Corrine (cadi_ray) wrote,


ENFP it was my first test result from my Briggs. I was so relieved to be extroverted. Jay said, "Oh don't lie to the test, I know you are an introvert.". So I took it again. Introvert, how disappointing. I couldn't shake it. I wanted to be sociable, outgoing, and good with people. Which now that I understand introversion better you can be introverted and be all those things. It wasn't widely accepted to be introverted back then, this was 2001 or 2002. I was determined to be extroverted, so I got a job as a waitress and made some friends. I did my best to be as outgoing as possible, but I was miserable. I felt exhausted all the time, because I am introverted and like spending time ALONE. People have a sixth sense about these things too, they could sense something about it was fake. I didn't seem comfortable and I was really quiet. Even when I was wasted I wanted to stare out the window by myself or read. There wasn't enough alcohol to make me extroverted. There never will be. I was told by a doctor to stop drinking, so I stopped for a little while. I realized maybe it was okay to be introverted and maybe I needed to be around people less. I started having more energy. That is all this is about, how you get your energy from people or from being alone or whether you get it from both. It doesn't really matter which one you are, just that you accept it and understand yourself well enough to take care of it. It is like if you have a plant that needs full sun or partial shade, if you put it in the wrong amount of sun it is going to be unhappy and uncomfortable. So now it is cool to be an introvert. I see these articles all the time written as though we are a different species. Come on, I get my energy from being alone, I am not that weird. One day being extroverted will be cool again. Really it doesn't matter, just be who you are.
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