Corrine (cadi_ray) wrote,

Downgrading phone

I went to an internet addicts support group several months ago. Now you are probably thinking what do I do online, well, I blog too much. I am a social media addict. I spend hours between Tumblr, Facebook and livejournal. You would think I am viral by now after years of doing it, but it has never happened. I don't want to be viral, I can't manage to answer the one person who comments or write regularly or consistently enough for the people who do visit. Anyway the group told me to switch from a smart phone to a basic phone, one without internet service. I thought nah I will just control my internet use, because I need Google maps and the text application. Wrong! I'm not spending the whole day online, but still I spend hours online and that seems like too much. I don't see what difference this will make, I will just use the internet on my computer or use my cell phone with wifi. Now if I have someone hide the smart phone maybe it could work...There just has to be a way to escape tech addiction...
Tags: internet addiction
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