Corrine (cadi_ray) wrote,

My heart goes out to those in Houston. We had a flood here in Boulder years ago and we are still recovering from it. I felt so scared by a small amount of water, I can only imagine what it feels like. It sounds like the president is being challenged to care more than he usually does and I think he is doing his best, though compared to others it seems to be bad. It was inspirational to see the line of volunteers. I saw the nursing home had been saved. I am annoyed with the megachurch for closing its doors as many people are. I see many images of heroic deeds, which is uplifting. I can't imagine being in an emergency crew during this working round the clock to save lives, which you do anyway, but the waiting queue is longer and more dire. I know people must have mental health crises during this and that must be more difficult with everything else going on. It is just great to see a community coming together to save each other and I hope as many people as possible get saved and get to safety. I hope many people are donating blood and doing what they can to help. Thanks for reading!
Tags: houston
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