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No, of course I'm an actress. Didn't you know how much I love acting? Shakespeare, um, other playrights and stuff. I just love to act, acting is my biggest passion in life. That is just me being ironic of course, I know how to spell, um playwrites, playrites..err. Sarte writes good plays. Yes, acting. um, excuse me while I go read this book on acting for beginners, I am um...teaching a a class, yes a class for actors, cause I'm such a great actress. Really had you fooled didn't I? The local theatre? I don't know where that is, why don't you try google maps. They have a great app, let me show you how to use it. Acting! There is nothing to it. Just be the real thing and you don't have to act. You have no reason to prove your identity to anyone.
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