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This is what makes me paranoid

I wrote something about Jay on my possibly hacked phone then I heard something from the neighbors house. First a gasp, then "So the poser must be the real one and the other one is an actress." I can't tell you who she is since I never met her, but I only listen to a handful of punk songs and only went to a couple shows. I also hallucinate and think everything is about me, so maybe it is nothing. Maybe they were talking about something else or someone else and I made it into what I wanted to hear. I don't even know if there is a real controversy over who writes my blog. There appear to be about three readers and about 19 page views on a good day, so I don't understand how I am popular enough to have a controversy. At this point I hear bits and pieces like this from neighbors, but I have no solid facts to go on other than some instagram profile with my username using the name mister that has since disappeared. As far as I know it is some episode I am having and nothing is really going on. If anyone I know has any leads to plagerism I would really like to know, because I tried to look briefly and found nothing deciding I was just paranoid. Thanks for reading!
Tags: plarism or paranoia?
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