Corrine (cadi_ray) wrote,

Everytime a tragedy like this occurs people label the perpetrator mentally ill. Well fine excuse that is, most mentally ill people aren't capable of commiting such a horrible crime. We make up 25% of the population (not including people who avoid being diagnosed), so if we really were dangerous many more tragedies would be taking place. So many in fact that no more humans would be left if you think of things statistically. There was a study done in 2014 that showed mentally ill people are more likely to be the victims of a violent crime. I was the victim of an unreported violent crime. I may not have been completely innocent in the whole ordeal, but it still gives me PTSD. But most mentally ill people I know are some of the kindest people around. Most of us are just disabled people living in poverty trying to live some humble existence. Don't get me wrong and get this idea that all mentally ill people are like that either, some live highly successful fulfilling lives, some are rich and famous. If being rich and famous doesn't appeal to a person with mental illness they succeed in other ways. I personally like to meditate, maybe I don't do it everyday, but I still find it calming. There is no stereotypical mentally ill person, don't think everyone with schizoaffective disorder is like me. We don't fit into a box just like you don't fit into a box, we each have differences. Some of us flip out and can't handle the psychotropic meds given to us, others live peacefully, some are disabled, others live normal lives, and still others have their own path. We are each individual, so stop boxing us in with people who failed at recovery. Even if one day I fail at recovery, have hope for others who are still trying. I send love to those lost in the shooting. It saddens me that just a little better self care from one individual could have prevented this tragedy. There are no words I can think of to console someone who has lost family members this young to gun violence. I hope we as a nation can find a way to prevent such tragedies. I hope this makes it so we continue to see the importance of mental health care. My thoughts are with those who witnessed the violence and now have PTSD.
Tags: florida, shooting, stigma
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