Corrine (cadi_ray) wrote,

It appears I am not being gang stalked and nobody stole my blog. I connected it to my Facebook account again, you can see it is still Corrine Chancellor's blog. I found some hip hop group is called lost key records, I have no relation, but I don't think they are copying me either. Just a similar habit of losing keys I guess. I'm not lost_the_key on this blog anymore anyway and rai_key is an unoriginal username. I heard people maybe two or three weeks ago when I stopped my Seroquel, so I am starting to think the whole gang stalking thing was me hallucinating. Because I looked outside and no one was there. So the blog is safe for now and in the hands of the original author (though after all this the remaining three readers don't believe me and might be sick of hearing these posts). Well thanks for your patience!
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