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this again

I remember saying I would switch names and be someone else online, I think this is what I meant. 
I have several other blogs, which I list on my profile page. 
If all those pages get hacked, I guess you guys just won't know who to trust is me. 
I might post a picture of myself here. 
I still have alfred, my pet rock. 
I still have the same email account.
actually none of my accounts have been compromised, because in all liklihood I am just paranoid. 
There is this tumblr I followed with a million followers and nobody hacks him. 
I have three followers, yesterday I had 20 pageviews and that is huge. 
Nobody hacks Donald Trump. 
This is what they call reality testing. 
I can tell you if you want to reality test and if you wonder if I am the real thing just think about whether my style changes much.  I mean sure it evolves and changes up a little, but there isn't a dramatic sudden shift.  Mister hasn't turned into a woman and Casey hasn't come back from the dead, nothing dramatic has happened to the story.  I haven't begun swearing every entry, but maybe sometimes I add swearing and dialogue.

Hopefully this is the last entry I need to write on hacking and the whole fake key thing.
I was sparked because I'm still not on enough medications and I heard people talking outside when I was meditating about a week ago.  Instead of the usual doubts they seemed to be on my side, which I found odd.  Instead of paranoia I guess that is pronoia.  I still don't understand why a group of people would follow me around and talk about if I am the person writing my blog.  The more I think about it the more it just doesn't make sense.  As a reader you might not find it believable that I think this is actually happening, but I take it very seriously and am just waking up to the fact of the ridiculousness of the whole situation.  Thanks for reading!

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