Corrine (cadi_ray) wrote,

The special path

“Where are going?”
“Oh, the secret ath nobody knows about.” Mom says
“What about them?” I ask
“They don’t exist” she says

It’s a mossy path, I see a squirrel run past and some unusual birds fly by. They seem startled to see people here. There is a small stream trickling by. I run ahead into it jumping on the little rocks
“Wait” mom yells from behind as she sits on a big rock.
“We have to go back”
Why is it always like this, I am enjoying something & we have to go back.
“Mom, can’t we go further?” I plead
“No, I’m in terrible agonizing pain, do you want me to die?!” She says as she rubs her knee and rubs her back
“Oh okay, we’ll go back”
Tags: hiking, hiking with mom, pain
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