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Gang stalking

“If a gang is stalking you hon, you would know.” She says from the gang unit for the Denver police. “Okay thank you for answering my question.” I say. “Sure have a nice day.” She says.

“Mom, I talked to the Denver police. I still don’t want to go to Denver, but I feel safer.” I say “That’s great dear, Same was getting worried about you.” She says. “Oh I know za whams gets worried about me, right kitty.” I say. “Meow” Same says with a concerned look in her eye.

“Someone in the lobby triggered my gang stalking delusion, but then I saw him talking with staff and talking to himself and it kinda pulled me out of it”. I say to my therapist.
“So you saw him and noticed by how he was acting that he wasn’t a threat.” She says.
“Yes.” I say
“That’s progress” She says with a smile.

I went to Denver with a group on Saturday and I felt anxious. I felt safer staying close to the group. I was triggered once on the trip, but overall it went well. I still am not fully convinced I am safe from gang stalking, but it doesn’t preoccupy my mind and it only comes up maybe once a week or less. I watched a video on gang stalking from Vice yesterday and there was a psychiatrist in it who had some good arguments for why gang stalking is a paranoid delusion. I do have a mental disorder, so odds are it’s that.
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