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my computer may or may not fuck up completely before I finish this. (Employer edited out due to respect). I have become an alcoholic and less shy (almost outgoing, imagine that!) so yeah. I'm also a little bizzed writing this, so please forgive me if it is intelligible (at least a bit). Screw the whole "private"/ friends only shit. (yes and excuse the liberal usage of cuss words, pardon my manors Right now I'm pissed, my computer is broken. I'll be lucky if I even enter this useless entry. lonely, because I haven;t seen Jay for days. I miss him sooooo much. feels like I'm going crazy (what else is new?) so yeah, I'm done. I'm going to bed now, glad I could actually finish this thing. (I left this entry mostly as is, please excuse the bizzed writing)
Tags: alcoholism, buzzed, drunk
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