Formerly lost_the_key

Rambling since 2002

This autobiographical blog covers a wide range of topics. I sometimes rant on politics, religion or philosophy, but mostly it is about recovery or relationships. I started it before I had a mental health diagnosis or started heavy drinking. I started it at my first relationship with a boy named Jay. It follows my career path from my first college attempt as a film maker to graduating with a digital art degree.

It isn't the happiest blog, I have schizoaffective disorder and not much can be done for my depression. So I frequently come here to vent.

I have been sharing old entries for the sake of obscure history. If they were written drunk I leave them incomprehensible. If they were written in an episode I leave them strange and disorganized. Otherwise sometimes I edit them. It seems to have alienated all my readers, but who writes for the sake of being read?